Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I register as a doctor?

As part of the registration steps, you confirm your medical credentials by going through our verification process. This process is fully secure and GDPR compliant with EU privacy regulations.

How do I start a consultation?

When a patient requests a consultations, you will receive a notification. Once you go through his medical file you can approve the consultation and start chatting with the patient.

Can I speak to patients based abroad?

Yes of course. MedicHome is a borderless app where doctors can meet patients all around the world.

What documents do I need to register on the app?

You need some ID cards (passport, driving license, ID card, etc. We will also need your medical license and place of work (this info will help us to confirm your identity and that you are a licensed doctor.

How do patient refunds work?

As part of the registration, you set how much you charge for a consultation. When the consultation is done, the amount will be transferred to your account.

How do I book a consultation with a doctor?

1. Go to your main screen - "Consults"
2. Press "Start Consultation"
3. "Search" and look for a doctor based on your preferences.
4. Once selected input/confirm your payment preferences.
5. Follow the on-screen

Can I get my doctor on the app?

Yes, you can! Click 'Invite your specialist' on the main screen (consults screen) and your doctor will receive a text with the details of the app and how to download it.

What documents do I need to register on the app?

As a patient, all you need is your phone number. Once you start for a consultation, you will be asked to input/confirm your payment details.

How much does the service cost?

It depends, each doctor chooses how much to charge for the consultation.
Every doctor chooses how much to charge for a consultation or a follow-up. Therefore the price you pay depends on you.

How do consultations work?

You choose a doctor and send him a consultation request. Shortly after, the doctor will approve the consultation and then your consultation will start. All consultations first start with chat, the doctor has the option to switch to video consultation if needed. Once the consultation is done, you will receive a summary from the doctor.

How can I be sure the doctor I am talking to is qualified?

All doctors/specialists on MedicHome are verified by our team. Doctors without a valid ID or licence cannot register as a doctor/specialists on MedicHome.

Can I speak to a doctor based abroad?

Yes. MedicHome is designed specifically to consult with local and/or international doctors.

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